Shipbrokering and Chartering

chartering1 chartering
  • We have been acting as ship brokers and charterers from past 2 and a half year.
  • Our Executives have always been in constant touch with charterers, exploring Foreign and coastal cargoes both.
  • We timely communicate with various direct vessel owners and their exclusive brokers.
  • Many direct/ local charterers, exporters and shippers are also in direct touch with us.
  • Bulk, project, ODC, Pipes, Steel coils and liquid cargoes are all been handled by us.
  • Our well trained executives, hold a good strong repo with our principles.
  • Strong communication skills and quick understanding power has been one of the main pillars for our Group’s development.
  • We believe “TO BE A GOOD CHARTERER WE HAVE TO BE A GOOD BROKER AND TO BE A GOOD BROKER WE HAVE TO A GOOD AGENT” this is the motto we have been following right from the beginning.
  • Following are some of the vessels which we chartered for project, bulk and timber cargoes for our direct charterers.
    • Timber
    • Pipes
    • ODC/ Machinery
    • Salt
    • Sand
    • And many others